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Buy our new DVD!  To quote from the film maker Old Man Film:

'Buying Time charts the history of a short narrow gauge railway that has been a feature of a North West coastal village for more than half a century, yet has lived on the precipice of a mere six months recurring lease.

As railway members finally purchase the land on which their railway sits and look forward excitingly into the future, Buying Time - a 2019 steam odyssey goes behind the scenes into workshops and engine sheds, gets dirty from coal dust on the footplate and talks to the characters that have kept the railway going and are now looking into the future.

Buying Time enables viewers to ride the railway behind a steam engine as it chugs and puffs through the woodland around a lake, mingles with v
isitors at a Teddy Bears Picnic and in with the crowds at the charismatic Summer Steam Gala. 

Complementing the serious stuff, an animated sequence as a teddy bear becomes separated from his 'family' and sets off on his own adventure is targeted at younger age viewers - but it's still guaranteed to become a firm favourite with oldies. Whether young, young at heart, a steam enthusiast or simply a visitor, Buying Time is unmissable.'

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