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The Railway has a long history of running 16mm scale live steam railways on site, to provide another attraction for visitors, not to mention additional enjoyment for the members.


In the 1980s a group of members built a portable layout The Middleforth Light Railway, to operate in the engine shed, and outside in clement weather.


It ran successfully for some years, and went on tour to local events, but eventually it faded away until only the nameboard was left. 

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Middleforth sign.jpg
Hundred End.jpg

In 2009 a new layout was built, Hundred End, named after a small hamlet just south of Hesketh Bank. It has a one-piece baseboard which sits up against the engine shed wall when not in use.


The track is oval in shape, with a loop and three sidings. The original buildings came  from several sources. These have now been replaced by a set of Welshpool Pottery buildings gifted to the Railway.

We now also have a new end-to-end layout, named after the original Middleforth Light Railway. It uses donated track, and buildings loaned by Mike Lowe of Carnforth Models.

We take the layout to exhibitions and local events, where it is used to advertise both the Railway and Carnforth Models.


As well as live steam, we also have an electrically-operated 00 layout, which was kindly donated to us.

We can set up in the Engine Shed on special event days, or if the weather's fine, it can come out to play in the open air.

A 1:19 scale model of our venerable all-wooden carriage shed has been constructed.

Click here for the blog describing how the model was built.

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Events where the layout has been exhibited:

August 2019            West Lancs Summer Gala

October 2018          Yorkshire Garden Railway Show, Bradford

August 2018             West Lancs Summer Gala

September 2017     West Lancs 50th Anniversary Gala

August 2017             West Lancs 'Nearly 50' Gala

August 2016             Corris Model Railway & Toy Exhibition

June 2016                 Woodvale Rally, Southport

May 2016                   West Lancs Teddy Bears' Outing

April 2016                  16mm Assn National Show, Peterborough

November 2015      Southport Model Railway Exhibition

August 2015             West Lancs Summer Gala

June 2015                 Woodvale Rally, Southport

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